CaseNote CN-19
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CaseNote CN-19


Designed to combine the workflow for easy access to eMIR (electronic Medical Information Record) and Patient Casenote Folder in a compact mobile workstation.


(1) No sharp corners and edges
(2) Right/left swing door (standard) with soft closer with easy grab handle
(3) Soil-side: Sharp bin, bio hazard & waste bin
(4) Premium heavy duty non-marking locking castor
(5) Various barcode scanners & printers
(6) Integrated battery with management


Boast storage for 8 x (1 inch thick) or 6 x (1.5 inch thick) casenote folders. Worktop area can be extended to accommodate 2 fully open casenotes; one of each side thanks to its clever swing arm which tuck away when not in use. Integrated Battery with Management to provide convenience.