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  • Systmz Healthcare

    We research, design, manufacture and market highly modular and flexible products for the Healthcare, Laboratory, and Transportation market.

  • Systmz Laboratory

    Systmz products are fully manufactured in-house ( woodwork. plasticwork, metalwork ) in Singapore. Able to integrate electrical and gas systems efficiently.

  • Capsa RX MedCart

    Through inventive product design and commitment to customer support, Capsa Healthcare has been a market leader for over 50 years..

  • Systmz Crockery

    “Ripple”, demonstrates the symphony of dinning experience, stewarding, and culinary operations.

  • Francehopital Catalogue - Transport & Storage Solutions 2021

  • Francehopital Catalogue - Laundry Management 2021

  • Francehopital Cart Collection

    Premium quality and respond to all standards of hygiene and security. Their design in daily use and not least for their ability to follow the furniture trend.

  • Silentia Screens

  • Auer

    The main objective is to satisfy specific customer requirements and meet current needs in the warehouse and transport industry.


    TOPRO is one of Norways largest vocational rehabilitation businesses, a leading manufacturer of mobility aids and electronic components.

  • Silentia Folding Screens

    Offering a complete solution to meet screening requirements in healthcare. Individual screens in the range are compatible with each other.

  • TDI Battery

    TDI’s medical power solutions have been used on medical carts for over a decade, incorporates reliable and safe methodologies with new design innovation.

  • CIMmed

    Starting with the production process and continuing in the shipping department, all mounting systems are checked closely to ensure quality and functionality.

  • IT Locker - IL11 User Manual

  • H+H Flexshelf®️ Shelf System

    H+H SYSTEM’s innovative, high-quality aluminium product is a flexible system that ex- pands easily to different widths and depths. Combined with a wide range of accessories, this is a versatile storage system that satisfies all requirements.