About Us

At Systmz , we create, develop and build holistic solutions that augment workflow efficiency and enhance the value of

your investment: Augmenting workflow efficiency with seamless functionality and intuitive operation, and enhancing the

value of your investment with sound design, cutting-edge materials and future-proofed products. To help our clients

meet the ever-changing needs of the growing healthcare, laboratory and residential industries, our team of award-

winning industrial designers, mechanical engineers and product specialists continuously employ modularity in all our

products and design, working together with our clients and matching needs with fully-integrated customisable solutions.

With our line of exclusive partner and in-house products and high quality modular design DNA, we research and develop

highly modular and flexible range of healthcare and lab grade mobile workstations and storage solutions; user-centric

products that improve workflow efficiency and focus on supporting your healthcare staff, allowing them to work with

ease and flexibility.


Systmz is a top-ranking laboratory and healthcare furniture solutions provider, known for delivering innovative and high

quality products. We develop intuitive design solutions with user-friendly products and optimum layout, creating better

working environments. Ensuring that architects and designers maximise the use of available space and budget to create a

sense of coherence and flexibility throughout the functions to meet every type of user situation.

Modularity, customisation and integration.


  • Modularity

    We market, design and manufacture highly modular and flexible partner and in-house products for the healthcare, laboratory and residential sectors.

  • Customization

    Our team of award winning industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and product specialist work hand in hand with our clients and users to develop customised products tailored to their specific needs.

  • Integration

    Systmz products are fully manufactured and integrated in-house in Singapore. Sound design, high quality materials and precision manufacturing ensure Systmz products are best in class.