Esense Powered 5th Wheel
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Esense Powered 5th Wheel Esense Powered 5th Wheel

Esense Power-assisted 5th Wheel

Esense is the ideal solution to move heavy mobile care
products. The intelligent system includes an electric
drive wheel and force-sensitive sensors. The sensors are
integrated into handles and feel the push force of the user. This
force is translated to smooth drive support.
Esense systems are available with three different drives;
Fixed, Up, and 360. The Fixed version provides electric drive
support in the forward and backward direction. The Up version
features an electric lift mechanism, making it possible to
disengage the drive wheel at any moment.


Feature Highlights

The 360 version adds powered sideways drive, making it
most suitable for maneuvering in small spaces. Esense
Fixed, Up and 360 systems are available in three variations,
from a basic version without a battery, to a complete version
including battery, charger, and waterproof housing. By adding
accessories and tuning software settings, the system can
be adjusted as desired.

Esense is available on a growing number of new healthcare
products, but can also be retrofitted to products already in