M38e Powered LCD
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M38e Powered LCD


With updated features that provide superior ergonomics, enhanced ease-of-use, and expanded storage flexibility, the M38e maximizes clinical efficiency and elevates the performance of your health IT program.


1) 18% smaller profile glides through tight care settings 2) 10% larger work area with additional 100 square inch expandable surface feature
3) 25% increase in battery runtime for improved performance
4) Up to 24% larger CPU storage area affords tech organization
5) Fully adjustable monitor mount and choice of ergonomic keyboard trays
(6) Enhanced lighting features to assist with navigating and working in darkened areas
(7) Intuitive locking and security system

Best Suited For :
1 Bedside Documentation
2 Medication Administration
3 Med/Surg Department
4 Emergency Dept
5 Ambulatory/Outpatient Areas
6 ICU/Operating Rooms