Bedside Wardrobe BS-14X
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Bedside Wardrobe BS-14X

Feature Highlights

• Modern design. Future proof modular construction
• Anti-microbial, in compact laminate (Phenolic) material
• Durable moisture resistant non-rotting material
• Rounded corner with raised worktop edges with spill containment
• Dual sided access to wardrobe compartment
• Digital keypad lock with backlit with mastercard override.
• Soft closing drawers and swing doors
• Swing door compartment with left or right opening
• Mirrors located behind left and right doors
• 50mm castors, front locking with oversize lever
• Easy to maintain with means to replace all faulty parts
• Auto nightlight and USB charging part (optional)

Optional Features

• Whiteboard
• Side towel rails left and right
• Key lock or manual combination lock
• Premium drawer runner – Blum
• USB charging ports inside drawer with power coil cord
• Sensor activated auto nightlight
• Shoe compartment with ABS removable tray
• Special request for high-matching colour



This unit can be customised to your preference in colour,
dimensions and features. Feel free to contact our sales
department for your needs.