Ambient Light
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Ambient Light

Medical 960 Light

Feature Highlights


Luminaire body

Made in white stove-enamelled steel sheet



General lighting, reading and
recognition. Optics specially
designed for each task.

Reading lighting:

Formed by a high
performance PMMA
diffuser. Specular
aluminum reflector with
a high diffusion degree,
asymmetric with lattice
to avoid glare in both directions.


Room lighting:

Formed by a high
performance PMMA
diffuser, specular
aluminum reflector,
asymmetric, with high
luminance control to
avoid glare in patient’s vision.


Exploratory lighting:

Formed by a high transparency
microprismatic diffuser
with an hexagonal
micropyramid matrix
base for effective
dazzle control. Ultrawhite
reflector with very high reflectance.