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Design for laboratories, bench tops, laboratories furnitures and shelvings. By Durcon Incorporated

Advantages :

(1) Resistant to usal disinfecting and cleaning products ( Such as Anios, Clinimax or Ecolab )
(2) Hygienic and integrated Santized® antibacterial treatment
(3) Resistant to impact and scratches caused by trolleys
(4) Transparent to X-rays
(5) Resistant to abrasion, impact and scratches
(6) Water-repellent and resistant to water splashes
(7)Possibility to inlay tubs or sinks

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The new surfacing solution from Durcon.

(1) Lasting Effectiveness, Safety and Hygiene
(2) Protection for all your projects
(3) Innovation for health
(4) Color Offering
(5) Thickness Options
(6) Sheet Size