Hybrid Lab Bench 1
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Hybrid Lab Bench 1


Modular design: customised size, function, colour and finishes (PVDF or powder coating) to meet user requirements. Aluminium profiles, no rust. Industrial-designed, precision CNC machining.


(1) Minimal Gaps, Seamless & Concealed Stainless Steel (SS) Fasteners
(2) Integrated Mounting Slots (T-Nut) for sliding cabinets and accessories below worktop
(3) Complete Knock-Down Capabilities
(4) Interconnection Joints for running cables and gas conduits within aluminum structure
(5) Height Adjustable Leveller (Concealed Screw Thread)
(6) Removable Access Panels
(7) Robust Fixtures & Structures
(8) Option for Extra Storage Space
(9) Limitless Combinations
(10) Multiple Integrated Service Chase ( Vertical & Horizontal )

Recommended Load Rating :
200 – 300 kg/m(Uniformly Distributed Load)
Worktop Options :

Epoxy Resin, Phenolic, Laminated Solid Plywood
Storage/Shelving Options :

Metal, Phenolic, Laminated Solid Plywood