HD Island Bench with Shelving
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HD Island Bench with Shelving


– minimal gaps
– concealed fasterners
– complete knock-down capabilities
– fully aluminum
– interconnection joints
– good ergonomic design
– easy access for installation for inter-connected benches
– easy to clean
– seamless feature
– attention to details
– aesthetic details
– height adjustable
– high loading capacity
– removable access panels
– customizable
– flexible
-modular design
-robust fixtures
-robust structure
-integrated M&E services
-extra storage space
-telescopic lens
-future proof details
-quick connect
-clean unibody appearance
-limitless combinations
– integrated vertical service chase columns
– safety considerations

Recommended Load Rating :
300 – 500 kg/m(Uniformly Distributed Load)
Worktop Options :
Epoxy Resin, Phenolic, Laminated Solid Plywood
Storage/Shelving Options :
Metal, Phenolic, Laminated Solid Plywood