Dimpled Serving Tray

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Dimpled Serving Tray
Dimpled Serving Tray ( 200ml ) small / ( 250ml ) large

Dimpled Serving Tray is designed to work together with the other serving ware to fit into food warmers, cardiac tables and geriatric chairs.


(1) Anti-slip dimples
(2) Closed basin concept
(3) Side recess
(4) Multiple gripping positions
(5) Cooling under bumps
(6) Geri chair compatibility
(7) Sliding ribs


Overall Dimension : 415w x 315d x 22h (mm) / 354.6w x 273.8d x22h (mm).
Capacity : 200ml / 250ml.
Material : Polycarbonate.
Care : Washing temperature 90 degree, Microwave up to 1 minute, food warmer (75 degree) 1 hour.